Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Amazing item for spring #1: Peter Pan Collars

Peter Pan are a beautiful and girly asset to any outfit. They're going to be especially in trend this spring and summer, so you guys should try some for yourself! The Peter Pan collar will work great for girls who like to dress extremely feminine, alternative, or for someone who just wants a little something extra to their outfit without going all out crazy. This collar is something will be sure to get you compliments and make you feel nothing less than pretty and romantic. I searched my favorite websites for some great Peter Pan styled clothing! And also found similar items on Forever21.com at lower prices, and also so you guys have ideas of what to look for on your next visit to F21 :) I couldn't find many similar items on Forever21.com sadly but I am hoping when you go to the actual store there should be many more springy colorful selections! As far as I know, no other store in Bakersfield has clothing with Peter Pan collars other than Forever21, so if you want to buy one that isn't on the internet go there, I've seen tons of them in the Heritage 1981 section of the store in pretty pastels too!

Contrast Color Red T-shirt

F21 17.80$
Forever21 17.80$

Forever21 17.80$

Romwe.com 21.99$
Romwe.com 56.99$
Forever21 22.80$


Here are three links to other really sweet peter pan collared dresses, sadly I couldn't get the pictures to my blog.
RED PETER PAN COLLAR *I actually got this one for spring! :)

I also suggest if you REALLY love the Peter Pan collar or any other collar for that matter to invest in a detachable collar!These nifty collars really spice up any outfit and can make your t-shirt pop with life! I couldn't find any peter pan collars at the moment but this is what a regular one looks like, they're fairly cheap too and will come in a great deal of use for your wardrobe. I've actually gotten a detachable collar from this company(linked below in caption) and it is really great quality and I love it :)
Detachable Collar in Light Brown
Actually I just found a great cheap peter pan collar from Romwe! They're also a great company because their shipping is completely free(usually gets to my house within a week) and their staff is so kind. I actually purchased this collar for spring, hopefully it's great!
Petal Detachable Collar
Romwe 11.99$

Here I found some pictures of bloggers with all sorts of different style rocking Peter Pan collars to give you guys ideas of how to wear them!
Blogger BeBe Zeva
I absolutely love how she wears this darling peter pan collared dress! A combination of lace makes this look extra springy, and also blazers look really great to make something edgy a bit sweet. And if you guys feel like your waist isn't showing enough, just belt it, problem solved! :) This color scheme is great for spring too, soft and delicate, but if you're a person who NEEDS a pop of color, just spice it up with a bright colored brooch, belt, or bag!
Fashion blogger Petra Karlsson
This is a great simple clean way to wear a peter pan collared dress. The subtly patterned tights give it a needed edge and the penny loafer shoes are adorable! This outfit would also look really cute with a nice pair of flats or wedged shoes.

Fahion blogger Ashleigh F.
I LOVE how this girl styled her Peter Pan Collar! If you have a very casual relaxed style, this would be a great option for you! Pastels are a huge trend for spring, and this really hits it on the dot. Mint will also be seen EVERY WHERE this spring, so get some for your own spring collection, it's a really beautiful refreshing color.

All the items these bloggers have paired with their peter pan collars are simple designs that can definitely be found at Forever21 if you just look :) Hopefully this has opened up your mind to another option of clothing for this spring!

Comment below any questions, comments you have.


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