Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I mainly started this blog for all of my friends along with all the boys and girls at my school(And anyone else who may live in a conservative, fashion uneducated town). I've noticed that our town can be very shut off to ever discovering the hottest trends, which is really sad since there are such great ones that skip past us all the time due to our towns lack of interest in fashion :'( I made this because I truly want to open everyone up to a greater and more diverse style selection, I want to educate you guys on everything about fashion that you should know(while also keeping you on a budget). It is possible to look high style without having to burn a hole through your pocket, practically EVERYTHING you could ever need can be found at Forever21! And all those special unique items can be found at thrift stores! :) 

I also am well aware of how conservative it is where we live, so I will give examples of how you can wear many kinds of clothing in a range of ways, casual to more extreme statement making pieces.
I also really want to teach you all not to be afraid of clothing! I've noticed many girls and boys avoid certain styles because they do not feel confident enough to wear it, but hopefully all that nonsense can be diminished with a little fashion educated and confidence boosting talk! :)

I will also list the most flattering clothing for every unique body shapes and also fashion no-nos.
Also, there will be some guest bloggers to give you guys tips and tricks on things I'm not so talented and educated in such as makeup, hair, and beauty!

I named this blog Your Biggest Fan, because I really am! I love you all so much that I want to spend the time and effort to educate and open you all up to fashion so that you can really appreciate and enjoy the wonders of it<3

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  1. I'm from SoCal too and I can't agree more that people are conservative about fashion trends here. I hope to see more of your posts on here, your style has a lot of edge and I love your aesthetic. Yay for mixing grunge into everything!